Cree (CREE) Releases New GaN HEMT Microwave Transistors

Cree just released samples of two new products: two 120MW GaN HEMT microwave transistors that can be used in telecommunications applications like Wi-Fi and for high-speed cell phone data transmission. These transistors would be compatible with both 3G and 4G cell networks, and could be used by both GSM and CDMA carriers.

For the technical specs of these nifty new devices, we turn to Cree’s press release:

Due to the unique combination of high RF power density, low capacitance and high thermal conductivity silicon carbide (SiC) substrates, these transistors provide superior performance compared to other technologies such as GaAs MESFET or Si LDMOSFET. Two demonstration amplifiers-one for each device-are available for transistor evaluation.

The new transistors consist of single, input-pre-matched GaN HEMT devices providing more than 120 watts of saturated power in small, industry-standard ceramic-metal packages. These transistors provide convenient values of input and output impedances to allow device matching over greater than 30% instantaneous bandwidths.

The CGH21120F is designed to be used primarily in the 1800 – 2300 MHz frequency range, while the CGH25120F is optimized for the 2300 – 2700 MHz range. This allows the two transistors to be used for DCS (GSM), PCS (GSM and CDMA), W-CDMA, and LTE.

As an example, the CGH21120F provides more than 110 watts of peak CW power at 70% efficiency with a gain of 16 dB when operated at 28 volts. Under W-CDMA 3GPP stimulus, the transistor provides 25 watts average power with 40% efficiency in Class A/B operation. This is the highest known W-CDMA efficiency from any commercially available transistor at this power level.

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