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Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Launches Solar Panel Line

Evergreen Solar just announced that it has launched a new line of solar panels aimed at customers who want to go off the grid. The  ES-C Series consists of a line of 80, 120 and 125 MW solar panels are designed to provide a higher voltage to allow for direct 12, 24 or 48V battery charging. They are also built to last, even under very harsh conditions.

In a press release, Dr. Terry Bailey, Senior … Read the rest

Cree Inc (CREE) Releases Multichip MC-E LED, Demonstrates More Efficient XLamp LED

Cree, Inc just released a new multichip MC-E LED, the XLamp MC-E. This product combines red, white, green and blue LED chips in a single LED light. With their color-changing capabilities and small size, these lights are ideal for architectural and entertainment uses. As a bonus, their footprint is 80% smaller than that of the existing XLamp color LEDs.

CREE is also demonstrating a new cool white LED lamp at this week’s LIHGTFAIR International … Read the rest

UQM Technologies (UQM) Releases 145 KW Motor System

UQM Technologies has just released a new 145 KW motor/generator propulsion system. The system is meant to be used in hybrid/electric vehicles, and offers the following advantages (per a UQM press release):

The new 145 kW system extends the peak power available in the company’s smaller 280 mm diameter frame size from 125 kW to 145 kW, has a continuous power rating of 85 kW, delivers peak torque of 400 N-m and weighs only … Read the rest

Echelon (ELON) Announces Launch Of LonWorks 2.0

Echelon just announced the launch of its new product LonWorks 2.0. LonWorks 2.0 is a new platform for smart networks that the company says is faster, cheaper and easier to use than earlier systems were. The new system is compatible with existing LonWorks products, and is geared toward the commercial building sector, especially small buildings and companies who are trying to retrofit existing systems to make them more energy efficient.

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Cree, Inc (CREE) And Powerex Introduce New SiC Power Switches

In conjunction with Powerex, Inc and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Cree has introduced a demonstration model of a new silicon-carbide power switch featuring Cree’s silicon carbide semiconductors. The switch is capable of operating at temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius.

MSNBC has more on the advantages and potential applications of the new power switch:

When compared to a silicon IGBT module of equal rating, and operating at a junction temperature of

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Cree (CREE) Releases New GaN HEMT Microwave Transistors

Cree just released samples of two new products: two 120MW GaN HEMT microwave transistors that can be used in telecommunications applications like Wi-Fi and for high-speed cell phone data transmission. These transistors would be compatible with both 3G and 4G cell networks, and could be used by both GSM and CDMA carriers.

For the technical specs of these nifty new devices, we turn to Cree’s press release:

Due to the unique combination of high RF

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