Cree, Inc (CREE) Achieves Industry-Best Test Results On LED

Cree, Inc announced that is has achieved industry-best research and development results with a white power LED capable of delivering 161 lumens per watt. The tiny LED used in the test measured only 1 square millimeter, but was able to deliver 173 lumens of light, with an efficacy of 161 lumens per watt under normal LED conditions. Although this LED is not for sale commercially, Cree does currently have LEDs on the market with an output of over 100 lumens.

“Cree is inventing, commercializing and delivering LED lighting innovations that aim to obsolete the energy-inefficient light bulb,” said John Edmond, Cree co-founder and director of advanced optoelectronics. “Our advances in brightness and efficacy come from a focus on end-to-end innovation that can enable LED lighting to address growing numbers of lighting applications while saving energy, saving money and helping to protect the environment.”-Cree Press Release

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