Echelon (ELON) Announces Launch Of LonWorks 2.0

Echelon just announced the launch of its new product LonWorks 2.0. LonWorks 2.0 is a new platform for smart networks that the company says is faster, cheaper and easier to use than earlier systems were. The new system is compatible with existing LonWorks products, and is geared toward the commercial building sector, especially small buildings and companies who are trying to retrofit existing systems to make them more energy efficient.

In a press release distributed by Echelon to announce the product launch, CEO Ken Oshman commented on the new system:

“Since its founding 20 years ago, Echelon has been focused on bringing the power of networks to everyday devices so that they can make better operating decisions and improve our lives. With the increased performance and reduced cost of the LonWorks 2.0 platform, we have expanded the opportunity for even more devices to become smart and energy-aware at a time when the world needs it most.” 

“Working together intelligently and automatically in buildings and systems all around us, LonWorks networks can reduce energy consumption and operational costs, while increasing quality, reliability, and comfort. Saving energy has never been more important than now, both with respect to the climate impact and the economic impact – and we are proud to able to play a leading role in making this happen,” Oshman continued.

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