Ener1 (HEV) Supplying Lithium Ion Batteries For World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

lightning_superbike Ener1 (HEV) is announcing a lithium ion battery cells distribution deal with the leading high performance electric motorcycle manufacturer, Lightning SuperBike.  They will also eventually supply cells for Lightning’s commuter bikes and scooters which will be developed over the next few years.  Lightning is expected to come out with a street legal version of its record breaking high speed bike soon.

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"We’ve tested many different battery solutions over the last year, including Ener1 and several of its competitors," stated Richard Hatfield, founder of Lightning Motorcycles.  "The Lightning data and test results showed us that Ener1’s lithium-ion batteries far out-perform those from competing companies, which is why we’ve switched to using their cells in our electric motorcycles.  Lightning Motorcycles is committed to using what we believe to be the most powerful, safest, best-of-breed batteries on the market, which is why we’re also extremely pleased to be representing Ener1 as an official distributor.”

Technically, shares of HEV remain in a long downtrend and currently trade below the buck level.  Shares aren’t moving on this news and there is no reason to believe a bottom is in at this point.  The stock needs a couple big up days to get back above the buck level. 

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