EnerDel (HEV) To Participate In Tokyo Smart Grid Project

It’s being announced  this morning that EnerDel (HEV) has participated in a Tokyo smart grid project scheduled to come online in a few months.  The project involves several companies from around the world including EnerDel, Mazda and Itochu Corp (EnerDel’s sales/marketing partner in Japan and long time investor) and aims to construct a complete smart grid marrying the components of electric vehicles and solar power. 

EnerDel has outfitted Mazda vehicles with its lithium batteries along with Think Global drivetrain components, fully powered through solar and electric charging stations.  The cars will be stationed at a Family Mart local convenience store and made available to the public in March. 

Said EnerDel CEO, “This is by far the most comprehensive integration of smart grid and EV technologies ever undertaken, and it represents a tremendous milestone.  We are very excited to be standing at the crossroads between these rapidly converging industries with high-performance battery systems that shine in both grid and automotive applications.”

The project goes beyond just charging cars and will use expired batteries in stationary smart grid applications where operating parameters are less taxing.  If successful, the system may be rolled out to more Family Mart stores across Japan of which Itochu is a major shareholder.  With more than 14,000 Family Mart stores across Asia, the opportunity could be big for EnerDel.

Shares of HEV are up another 4% in premarket trading. 

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