Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Still Trying To Silence Noise At Massachusetts Plant

Evergreen Solar has not yet been able to locate the source of the noise pollution coming from its plant in Devens, MA. The deadline to resolve the issue is the 31st of May. Evergreen has tried repairing equipment in the plant, but the noise, described in this article from Devens News as a "pure tone," has not been silenced.  The company has brought in outside consultants to try to pinpoint the problem so that it can be corrected.

In the article referenced above, Devens Enterprise Commission Land Use director Peter Lowitt described possible consequences for Evergreen Solar if the noise violations are not corrected:

But Lowitt said no full occupancy permits would be granted to Evergreen while the problem is outstanding. At the May 7 meeting, Lowitt explained that the DEC can issue per-diem non-criminal fines against the company — each day serving as a separate violation of the zoning bylaws if the issues are not addressed. Lowitt also said Evergreen’s occupancy permit is due to come up in mid-June .

Chris Lawson, Evergreen Solar’s director of marketing, issued a statement defending the company’s response:

"We have been working on this diligently. We’ve remedied a fair amount of equipment that we thought was at fault."

He acknowledges it hasn’t silenced all the offending noise, adding "we have worked quickly with the DEC whereas we received bids on Friday and we selected a consultant Monday morning and he was out … planting noise monitoring equipment that morning."

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