Exelon Energy (XEL) Introduces Certification for Emissions-Free Energy

Exelon Energy has introduced a new product, the Emission-Free Energy Certificate, to help its business customers demonstrate their environmental commitment to the public. The certificate will be offered initially to existing commercial and industrial customers as part of a pilot program.

Each certificate will cover a certain amount of renewable energy. Customers who purchase solar PV, solar thermal, wind or wave energy would be eligible for certificates showing the amount of emissions-free energy purchased. The certificates allow environmentally conscious consumers to compare the amount of green energy used by each company. The emissions-free certificates will be tracked by PJM Environmental Information Services,

In a company press release, Kenneth Cornew, Senior VP of Exelon Corp and President of Exelon Energy, commented on the new product:

“Our customers have overwhelmingly expressed a need for low-carbon products. We have committed to this program with the hope that the Emission-Free Energy Certificate will provide a convenient vehicle for our customers to purchase electricity in an environmentally friendly manner. Based upon the feedback we receive from the pilot, we plan to offer the Emission-Free Energy Certificate as part of our regular product offerings to the marketplace later this year.”

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