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Exelon (EXC) To Provide Customers With Emission Free Energy Certificates

Exelon (EXC) is announcing a program that allows its customers to be certified, emission free energy users.  The new product, called an Emission-Free Energy Certificate (EFEC) will initially be limited to select commercial and industrial customers who already have an existing relationship with Exelon.  Emission free energy is defined as energy that does not directly produce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide or carbon dioxide and includes solar, wind, hydro, wave energy as well as nuclear.  With … Read the rest

Exelon Energy (XEL) Introduces Certification for Emissions-Free Energy

Exelon Energy has introduced a new product, the Emission-Free Energy Certificate, to help its business customers demonstrate their environmental commitment to the public. The certificate will be offered initially to existing commercial and industrial customers as part of a pilot program.

Each certificate will cover a certain amount of renewable energy. Customers who purchase solar PV, solar thermal, wind or wave energy would be eligible for certificates showing the amount of emissions-free energy purchased. The … Read the rest