Florida Power and Light Company’s (FPL) Investments In Fuel Efficiency Pay Off Big-Time For Consumers

Here’s a win-win situation….FPL just announced that its investments in fuel efficiency at its power plants have helped trim its customers costs by almost $3 billion since 2002, and will save customers a cool billion per year starting in 2014. The investments have included converting older plants to burn natural gas instead of oil, and using more efficient technologies to produce energy from natural gas.

In a company press release, Marlene Santos, FPL vice president of customer service, commented on the news:

"When our power plants operate more efficiently, they use less fuel. And when our plants use less fuel, customers save. It’s that simple. While we can’t control fuel prices, we shop aggressively for the most economical options. This, combined with the benefits of our continuing investments in power plant efficiency, is keeping our customer bill as low as possible."

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