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Florida Power and Light Company’s (FPL) Investments In Fuel Efficiency Pay Off Big-Time For Consumers

Here’s a win-win situation….FPL just announced that its investments in fuel efficiency at its power plants have helped trim its customers costs by almost $3 billion since 2002, and will save customers a cool billion per year starting in 2014. The investments have included converting older plants to burn natural gas instead of oil, and using more efficient technologies to produce energy from natural gas.

In a company press release, Marlene Santos, FPL vice … Read the rest

Miami To Get Smart Grid As GE (GE), Florida Power and Light (FPL), Cisco (CSCO) And Silver Springs Team Up

General Electric, Florida Power and Light, Cisco Systems and Silver Springs Networks just announced that the four companies will team up to build a smart grid to serve the city of Miami. The new program, which will be called Energy Smart Miami, involves installing smart meters in more than 1 million Miami homes and businesses, as well as constructing an automated smart grid to support the smart meters. The program should create approximately 1,000 new … Read the rest

Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) Stops Work On Wichita Falls Wind Farm

Florida Power and Light Company announced it will cancel a 35,000 acre, 210 MW wind power project in Wilbarger County, TX, near Wichita Falls. The project was canceled due to the issues the country has been facing in financial markets as of late, as well as area limitations on the ability to transmit power once it’s generated.

According to Steve Stangel, an FPL spokesman, the company may pick the project back up in the future:… Read the rest

Florida Power & Light (FPL) Set to Begin Construction On Solar Power Facilities

FPL just received approval from the Florida Public Service Commission to begin construction on 3 solar energy centers that will put Florida on the map as the largest supplier of utility generated solar power in the nation. 

"Today’s decision by the PSC represents a major step forward in making Florida a leader in solar power generation. At a time of record-setting fossil fuel prices and concern over global climate change, solar power helps to meet … Read the rest