GE Capital (GE) Invests In Tesla

According to Jay Yarow at, GE Capital is investing in Tesla Motors. The article quotes the contents of a leaked interview in which Tesla CEO Elon Musk tells Car and Driver:

We’ve raised around $40 million, and a bit of news that hasn’t come out yet [is] General Electric is investing in Tesla. [GE Capital] will be the second-largest investor in this round, after me. Our business plan that we presented to investors gets us to profitability by the middle of this year, even if some negative stuff happens.

Although this is happy news for Tesla (and for those of us who would love to someday own a Model S), Yarow notes that Tesla’s future is still rather uncertain at the moment.

Among the concerns:

A government loan that Tesla needs to build a factory for the Model S has not materialized.

The Tesla Roadster is not profitable.

Tesla is funding itself with deposits from customers for the Model S, even though they don’t have a factory or the loan they need to build a factory.

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