ITC Holdings (ITC) Green Power Express Motoring Along With MDU Resources Alliance

ITC Holdings (ITC) may be the biggest player in the build out and upgrade of transmission lines in order to distribute renewable energy across the US.  The company solidifies that with a key ally in its Green Power Express initiative – MDU Resources Group (MDU).  Today, ITC announced an agreement with MDU Resources to collaborate on design and development of the project and a possible investment in Green Power Express LP down the road. 

The Green Power Express is an entity formed by ITC to develop the GPE project which aims to bring 12000 MW of renewable wind energy to the Midwest and MidAtlantic regions of the US through extra high voltage 765kV transmission lines.  It’s expected to cost between $10 – $12 billion.

“We expect that an eventual partnership with MDU will be the first of many and is a significant step in ITC’s efforts to site and build regional transmission in order to move renewable generation from remote regions of the country to urban areas where it is needed,” said Ed Rahill of ITC Grid Development.


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