Cree, Inc (CREE) Announces Release Of New Z-Rec(tm) Silicon-Carbide Power Diode Product

Cree, Inc just announced the release of a new line of Z-Rec Silicon-Carbide power diodes: 600V SiC Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes. These diodes are mainly used in boost diode applications in power factor correction (PFC) circuits, where their improved efficiency gives them an edge over silicon diodes, shrinking AC-DC power supply losses by 10%, due to zero reverse-recovery current.

In a company press release, Cree’s VP and GM for power and RF, Dr. Cengiz Balkas,  explained the advantages of the new product:

“SiC power diodes are rapidly becoming a standard component, replacing their silicon predecessors for applications in which efficiency, switching speed and reliability are prerequisites. Cree’s leadership in SiC materials technology and SiC power-device design provide power-system designers the best zero-recovery diode on the market today.


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