Nissan Selects Aerovironment (AVAV) For LEAF Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Aerovironment (AVAV) is seeing some upside movement with volume after it was announced that Nissan has selected the company to provide its electric car home charging stations and installation services to support the upcoming launch of the LEAF in about one year.  The Nissan branded AVAV charging stations will be available for an additional “charge” with AVAV’s network of electricians offering installation assessment and services.  The charging stations will produce a full charge in about eight hours.

AVAV CEO Tim Conver commented, “By introducing a practical electric passenger and fleet vehicle, Nissan is moving boldly to link driving with zero emissions and energy independence.  Our selection as Nissan’s preferred charging equipment and service provider, for what we believe will be the largest adoption of battery electric cars in history, represents a great opportunity to apply our nationwide EV charging infrastructure solutions to the successful introduction of the Nissan LEAF. We are committed to making those who purchase a Nissan LEAF and our universal home charging system successful in the use of clean, electric vehicles.”

Shares of AVAV are up about 4% today. 
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