NRG Energy (NRG) To Evaluate Biomass Crops At Louisiana Plant

NRG  has started to evaluate two biomass crops, switchgrass and high-biomass sorghum at its Big Cajun II plant in Louisiana. The tests are part of an effort to reduce the plant’s carbon footprint by burning less coal. The crops being grown are improved varieties of switchgrass and sorghum designed to grow well in Louisiana’s climate, and are provided by Ceres, Inc.

The first stage of the project consists merely of planting the crops, allowing them to grow and measuring the yields. If this is successful, a second project will begin in 2010 in which the crops are planted and used for energy.

In a press release, David Crane, NRG’s President and Chief Executive Officer, commented on the tests:

“Biomass from locally grown energy grasses has the potential to be an important part of NRG’s multi-pronged approach to reduce our carbon intensity and can also be a source of economic development in rural communities. In addition to nuclear, wind and solar, energy from biomass has the potential to help support an energy future that addresses global climate change in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner.”

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