PowerShares Global Progressive Transportation ETF (PTRP) Begins Trading

Another “green” ETF began trading last week put out by one of the more innovative ETF providers, Invesco Powershares.  The PowerShares Global Progressive Transporation Portfolio ETF (PTRP) carries a fancy name and a diversified way to play the transition toward cleaner, less costly and more efficient means of transportation. It’s based on the Wilder Nasdaq OMX Global Energy Efficient Transport Index and includes companies that:

– improve energy efficiency
– reduce fuel costs
– harness renewable energy
– enrich energy conservation
– upgrade information systems

The fund is well diversified with no single holding more than 4% and along with green companies such as Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) and Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS) also includes shipping and rail companies.  Strangely enough, the largest holding is a Mexican airport operator..

Top 10 Holdings as of June 30 2008:

– Grupo Aero del Sureste (ticker: ASR) 3.92%
– Piaggio 3.57%
– Overseas Shipping (ticker: OSG) 3.53%
– Hamburger Hafenund 3.51%
– OceanFreight (ticker: OCNF) 3.49%
– Shimano Inc 3.44%
– Fuel Systems Solutions (ticker: FSYS) 3.43%
– Clean Energy Fuels (ticker: CLNE) 3.40%
– Enbridge (ticker: ENB) 3.36%
– Kirby (ticker: KEX) 3.18%

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