Production Starts At Green Plains Renewable Energy (GPRE) Joint Venture’s Phase I Algae Project

Production has started at BioProcessAlgae, LLC’s (a joint venture between Green Plains Renewable Energy, water filtration group CLARCOR Inc, BioProcessH2O LLC and NTR plc) Phase I photobioreactor pilot project. Algae production has started, and the company will begin gathering data over the next 4 months to determine how well the technology being tested will scale commercially.

In a press release, Todd Becker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Green Plains Renewable Energy, commented on the project:

“We are excited by the opportunities this technology offers to sequester the CO2 emitted at our ethanol plants. Our plants have warm water, waste heat and C02 which provide a perfect environment for the BioProcessAlgae Grower Harvester technology to be deployed. The algae produced have the potential to be used for advanced bio-fuel production, high quality animal feed, or as biomass for energy production, but our focus is solely on efficiently growing algae and sequestering carbon dioxide at this point.”

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