Green Stocks Profile: Top LED Lighting Play Cree Inc (CREE)

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Today’s investment idea is all about lighting.  No, it’s not those curly compact fluorescents that are filled with MERCURY and require you to evacuate the room if you break one.  The main reason we’ve got those today is that the energy savings sounded good to the folks in Washington and the profits sounded good to the manufacturers.

No, my idea is about the NEXT stage of the lighting revolution, the era of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), which are basically silicon chips.

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The leader in the industry is Cree (CREE), of Durham, North Carolina, the market leader in the industry.  Though its products still cost substantially more than incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescents, prices are coming down fast as commercial success in niche markets like aviation and automotive enable more research and result in greater technological progress.

The stock has earned an appearance in Cabot Top Ten Report four times this year (while trading at 24, 27, 37 and 42), and last Wednesday, Cabot Market Letter editor Michael Cintolo had this to say about the stock.

“The kinds of stories that feature Cree tend to be pretty dry.  On Tuesday, the company announced that it had squeezed 186 lumens per watt out of one of its high-power LEDs (light emitting diodes).  It’s a little more dramatic when you know that a standard incandescent bulb yields about 13.8 lumens per watt and a standard fluorescent only hits a maximum 72 lumens.  Watts cost money, and Cree is pushing LEDs into uncharted territory; LEDs could be just starting a huge growth wave as cities in the U.S. and elsewhere look to save on energy costs.  We featured Cree here on November 4 when its stock was trading at 43.  Now, after spending two weeks under resistance at 48, CREE has broken out to near 50.  We like it. BUY.”

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One thought on “Green Stocks Profile: Top LED Lighting Play Cree Inc (CREE)”


    Having worked as a construction electrician for twenty-five years, it was no mystery that American Superconductor Corp. had the ‘right stuff’.

    Wind Energy requires a Clean Power Trio. Today however, Palm Springs, CA wind turbines will depend on natural-gas merchant back-up, to fill in the holes, when the air is still.

    Enter A123 Systems (AONE), with their wind turbine batteries storage, green solution. On the cusp, General Electric (GE)just announced their participation, in yet another ‘largest’ wind farm, slated for Oregon. GE is also an investor in AONE.

    American Superconductor (AMSC) shares a co-founder with AONE, which leads back to the lithium batteries’ conglomerate friends at GE. The Tres Hermanas Grid Hub, planned for New Mexico, is where the Power Trio future comes together.

    AMSC – connected to – AONE – connected to GE – connected to – SMART GRID!

    Arturo Jabra’il Sancho

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