Ribbon Cutting For EnerDel (HEV) Lithium Battery Plant Happens Friday

This Friday at noon, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will be an honored guest of EnerDel (HEV) at a ceremony marking the commissioning of the country’s first commercial scale production line for lithium-ion battery packs.  To meet anticipated demand, EnerDel plans to expand the plant in Indiananopolis, pack assembly capacity at its Noblesville plant and may expand further through the purchase or construction of a 3rd plant.  Anticipated annual production is currently in the neighborhood of 1,500,000 hybrid packs, 600,000 plugin hybrid packs and 150,000 packs for pure electrics which would require nearly 3000 employees once full capacity is achieved. 

“Indiana long ago established itself as a national leader in building homegrown, high-tech automotive components, so it is fitting that our state is now on the precipice of building a new domestic industry for the lithium-ion automotive battery,” Senator Bayh said.

“The electrification of transportation in America is fundamental to reducing our reliance on foreign oil and ensuring our nation’s long-term energy security,” Senator Bayh adds. “I’m proud of the advances EnerDel is making to ensure that deployment of electric-drive vehicles becomes a reality. If we succeed in making Indiana the Silicon Valley of alternative energy, we will help create a cleaner and more livable planet as we create thousands of new job opportunities for middle-class Hoosiers.”

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2 thoughts on “Ribbon Cutting For EnerDel (HEV) Lithium Battery Plant Happens Friday”

  1. Who do I contact to buy LI ion batteries for battery EVs?

  2. I also wish to buy a few dozen ev battery packs or systems..
    any body listening? were talking a quarter of a million dollars in sales I am currently sending to china

    my emails have been ignored so far

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