Rubicon Technology (RBCN) Opens Sapphire Wafer Production For LEDs In Malaysia

Rubicon Technology (RBCN) has opened its first manufacturing facility outside of the US.  The manufacturer of sapphire substrates for the LED industry has opened a facility in Malaysia to better cater to the Asian LED and consumer electronics market.  Research firm iSuppli believes the global LED market will double in the next three years driven by increased LED adoption in the general lighting market.  Much of the LED growth up to this point has been limited to the consumer electronics market, but that will change particularly as the US begins phasing out the incandescent bulb in 2012.

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“Rubicon’s recent build-out of infrastructure optimizes our ability to deliver large diameter sapphire wafers in large volumes to our customers worldwide,” said Raja Parvez, Rubicon President and CEO. “While the Batavia facility leverages the stability and lower cost of valuable resources such as power, the facility in Malaysia leverages the location to further lower costs and bring our extensive experience in polishing large diameter wafers close to the LED, consumer electronics and general lighting manufacturers in Asia.”

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