Royal Philips (PHG) First To Mass Produce 150mm LED Wafers

Philips Lumileds, the LED division of Royal Philips (PHG) has announced it’s the first company to mass produce the larger 150mm wafers used for LEDs.  The larger wafers allow for 4x the number of LEDs as the old 3 inch wafers and is a key advancement to accelerating the production of LEDs for the lighting revolution.  The increased output and greater efficiency will help drive down costs, acceleration adoption.

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“The addition of 150 mm manufacturing capacity to our existing capability leverages our epitaxy and wafer fabrication technology excellence and gives Lumileds the capacity to produce billions of LUXEON LEDs annually,” said Matthijs Glastra, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations for Philips Lumileds. “We expect that the pace of LED adoption will require all other manufacturers to follow our lead and adopt similar strategies. Their challenge will be to achieve the high yields and quality levels that we have already demonstrated.”

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