Synergy And Carnegie Corporation (CNM) Sign Memorandum Of Understanding On Wave Energy

Synergy, the largest utility in Western Australia, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Carnegie Corporation, promising to buy power from Carnegie’s CETO wave energy project once the project is completed. The project is still in the planning stages, and Carnegie is currently in the process of selecting a site. Initially, the CETO project is expected to generate 6 W of energy, but if it’s successful, power generation can be increased later to 50 MW.

Perth Now notes that the agreement with Synergy is a significant step forward in the project:

Synergy said it was satisfied with the results of a trial conducted by Carnegie in Fremantle and would purchase the energy and environmental rights from the first stage of the project.
The Synergy deal is important for the future of the facility.
As part of feasibility studies, Carnegie needed to prove there was a market for wave energy by securing a buyer.

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