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Synergy And Carnegie Corporation (CNM) Sign Memorandum Of Understanding On Wave Energy

Synergy, the largest utility in Western Australia, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Carnegie Corporation, promising to buy power from Carnegie’s CETO wave energy project once the project is completed. The project is still in the planning stages, and Carnegie is currently in the process of selecting a site. Initially, the CETO project is expected to generate 6 W of energy, but if it’s successful, power generation can be increased later to 50 MW. … Read the rest

Alternative Energy Investor Biggest Gainers and Losers for 08/15-8/22

Alternative Energy Investors compiled a list of the highest and lowest performing green energy stocks for the week of 08/15/08-08/22/08. 

And the winners for this week are:

1) Solar2 Ag XE:S2R

This solar energy company increased in value by 76%.

2) Nova Biosource Fuels, AMEX:NBF

Nova Biosource, a biodiesel company, saw its stock price rise by 50.5%

3) Quant Ene Fpo ASX:QTM

This heat pump manufacturer saw gains of 37.93%

4) Solarfun Power Holdings CO., Read the rest