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Obama At Nellis Touts Solar, Geothermal (Video)

Prez Obama spoke at Nellis Air Force base today discussing the importance of renewable energy and announcing funding efforts for solar and geothermal.  Nellis Air Force base is home to the largest solar installation in the Western hemisphere and provides 25% of the electricity for the 12000 who live and work at the base, saving the military about $1 million a year.

Here are some highlights of the speech..

“America produces less than 3 percent … Read the rest

Geothermal Picks

A recent article from TheStockAdvisors.com shows the contributing editors from Stephen Leeb’s The Complete Investor focus on three Geothermal energy picks:  Chevron (CVX), Calpine (CPN), and Ormat Technologies(ORA).

"Throughout the globe, heat is continually produced in a layer far below the earth’s crust. Large power plants can capture and use this steam to provide electricity on a fairly large scale. In Iceland, by some estimates, 50% of all energy needs are met through an alternative … Read the rest