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Toyota Working On Electric/Hybrid Motor That Doesn’t Rely On Rare Earth Metals

Nearly two years ago I wrote an article titled From Dependence On Foreign Oil to Chinese Neodymium?  Never did I imagine when I posted that article that a mad scramble for rare earth metals would take place so soon and that  companies would begin looking for ways to avoid the use of neodymium so soon. 

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This morning the WSJ reports that Toyota has been working … Read the rest

Van Eck Launching Rare Earth Metals ETF (REMX)

Tomorrow a  very interesting ETF begins trading – the Market Vectors Rare Earth Metals ETF (REMX) begins trading on the NYSE.  I first wrote about rare earth metals here over a year ago discussing the shortage of neodymium and China’s role in our push to greener energy. 

Rare earth metals have been all the rage of late and are an important component in electric cars, wind turbines and many consumer electronics.  China is thought to … Read the rest

From Dependence On Foreign Oil to Chinese Neodymium?

There is a good article out in The Atlantic today discussing the concern of neodymium shortages, most of which is produced by China.  Neodymium is a key component used in hybrid and electric cars as well as wind turbines to manufacture powerful, light weight magnets for high torque, efficient performance.  It should be noted that neodymium is also used in data storage devices and just about every computer, so the supply crunch is very … Read the rest