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Converted Organics (COIN) Reports Big Growth In Organic Fertilizer Sales

Converted Organics (COIN) never misses an opportunity to issue a positive press release and they were at it again this morning saying that sales have increased 200% in the pro lawn care market vs the same period last year.  Total company revenues were only $490K in the year ago quarter, so it wouldn’t take much to achieve 200% growth, but a decent milestone for a small company and just maybe they will crack the $1 … Read the rest

Whole Foods (WFMI) Carrying Converted Organics (COIN) Fertilizer In More Stores

Converted Organics (COIN) popped a bit this morning with volume when it announced that Whole Foods (WFMI) has been carrying its organic fertilizer product in quite a few more stores this year over last year.  COIN never misses a chance to get a positive press release out and they didn’t miss this opportunity either.  Whole Foods carried the product in just 18 stores last year, but this year is carrying it in 84 stores.

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Converted Organics (COIN) Popping Intraday on Partnership With Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)

Coverted Organics (COIN) just surged about 10% intraday on news of a strategic partnership with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) to develop organic liquid based and solid fertilizers for use in the professional turfgrass market and will have access to ADM’s patent pending technology.… Read the rest

Converted Organics (COIN) Gets Home Depot Deal

Converted Organics (COIN) rocketed nearly 20% today on news that some Northeast Home Depot stores will carry its organic fertilizer for the spring 2009 season.

“The Home Depot® opportunity represents a tremendous chance to expand the availability of high-quality organic fertilizer to consumers,” said Edward J. Gildea, President of Converted Organics. “That The Home Depot® would agree to carry our Lawn and Turf fertilizer is a significant event for Converted Organics. We are completing the … Read the rest