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Pickens (CLNE) Expects Natural Gas Act To Be Passed By Memorial Day

T. Boone Pickens told the Houston Chronicle yesterday that he expects Congress to pass the Natural Gas Act by Memorial Day.  If it’s passed, the act would greatly increase the use of natural gas as a fuel for heavy-duty fleets, which would be a boon (pun most definitely intended) to Pickens’ company Clean Energy Fuels. Consuming the equivalent of 21 barrels of crude oil per day, the oil used to fuel heavy-duty fleets represents a … Read the rest

T Boone Pickens Wind Farm Plans On Hold?

Just months ago, the Pickens Plan was all the rage as oil soared to the stratosphere and the credit crisis was just beginning to unravel in a big way.  T Boone Pickens had grand plans of a wind farm filled with $2 billion in wind turbines courtesy of General Electric (GE).  Now those plans seem to be on hold but delivery isn’t expected until 2010.

The NY Times is reporting that Pickens told reporters at Read the rest

California Prop 10 Defeated, A Blow to Pickens Plan & Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE)

With oil prices well off their peak and California mired in financial woes, California’s Prop 10 (or California Alternative Fuels Initiative) which would have provided incentives for purchasers of alternative fuel vehicles, research for development of solar and other renewable energies and training for green collar jobs was defeated by a wide margin. 

Many have come to know it has the key for T Boone’s “Pickens Plan” because it calls for much greater use of … Read the rest