Tri-Tech Holding (TRIT) Gets $2 Million China Waste Water Treatment Contract

Tri-Tech (TRIT) announced this morning it received a $2 million contract to upgrade (including design, equipment procurement, installation and startup) a wastewater treatment plant in Xinle City which will improve the plant from Class 2 to Class 1A standards, churning out cleaner water in the process.  Not clean enough for drinking however.  Class 1A water is only good enough for irrigation and toilets!  The plant, with a daily capacity of 40K metric tons, will better filter water through a biological aerated filter, a rapid filter and chlorine dioxide disinfection. 

Tri-Tech CEO Warren Zhao said, “With the rapid economic growth in Xinle, the amount of industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater is increasing. However, wastewater treatment facilities have not kept pace with the growth. Inappropriately treated wastewater has severely polluted the surrounding canal and downstream rivers. The need to upgrade Xinle’s existing wastewater treatment plant is urgent. The implementation of this project will reduce urban sewage pollution and improve Xinle city’s ecological environment and water quality.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. Clean drinking water will be increasingly hard to come by in the coming years and those companies providing infrastructure and treatment (especially in China) will benefit big time.

TRIT has been basing over the past month and still looks very bullish and above the 50 day moving average.  It’s up 1% today.

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