UQM Technologies (UQM) Surges Again; Customer Coda Motors Gets Hank Paulson As Advisor + Cash

UQM Technologies (UQM) has surged more than 50% in a couple days on the Coda Motors/UQM news which Alison did a great job of covering.  Who says you can’t profit by reading the breaking news here! 🙂 The stock surged again late in the day today most likely on the news that Coda Motors received another round of cash and Hank Paulson as an advisor.  Yeah, that Hank Paulson (former Treasury Secretary).  The company said that Paulson has deep insight and relationships in China and has provided funds to the company in the past.According to Business Insider, Coda’s co-chairman Steven Heller is a former head of investment banking at Goldman Sachs and Paulson is known for being a greenie.  At any rate, what’s good for Coda is good for UQM. 


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