UQM Techologies (UQM) Revenue Expands, Still No Profits In Sight

UQM Technologies (UQM), the maker of electric propulsion systems for electric and hybrid vehicles is still in startup phase and has never posted a profit .. that continued last quarter with an EPS loss of .03/share on revenues that expanded by 67% over the year ago quarter to $2.9 million.

Highlights from the quarter from the CEO:

– delivered products over the past year to 2 international automobile manufacturers, one of which has publicly announced  their plan to introduce at least one all electric or hybrid electric automobile in 2010

– supplying electric propulsion systems and /or generators to an additional eight entrepreneurial automobile developers

– delivering DC to DC converters to Eaton Corp as part of their hybrid electric propulsion system which powers medium duty hybrid trucks

“We believe demand for our electric propulsion system products will remain strong for the foreseeable future as vehicle makers continue to focus on the development and introduction of electric and hybrid electric vehicles as part of the restructuring of the global automotive industry to provide a broader selection of highly fuel efficient vehicles to consumers.”

2 thoughts on “UQM Techologies (UQM) Revenue Expands, Still No Profits In Sight”

  1. When you take the 765K quarterly loss for UQM and add back the non-cash depreciation of 156K and non-cash stock options of 237K and consider the 300K one time legal fee that only leaves UQM with a 71K negative cash flow. They have almost reached the break-even point. Later this year, it is anticipated they will be profitable.

    Also, UQM will receive an answer to the judgment against Phoenix sometime within the next month. Everything is pointing to UQM winning the judgment and an award of over $5 million.

    Plus, consider the fact that this month UQM was invited by Deutsche Bank to present at the Auto Analysts of New York Detroit Auto Conference with the “big boys” (Toyota, GM, Ford and Volkswagen, and major auto industry suppliers).

    This is looking to be a breakout year for UQM.

  2. Hi Keith, I generally stick to non GAAP analysis. One time gains and losses distort the organic growth, (or lack of) in a company in my opinion

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