2010 Chevy Volt Test Fleet Coming June 1st?

chevy_volt_2010 The 2010 Chevy Volt continues to make progress on its targeted production date of November 2010.  According to the blog www.gm-volt.com (which is no way affiliated with GM), the Volt’s lead engineer Andrew Farah has a countdown clock in his office revealing that on June 1st the assembly of the first Volt will take place.  Apparently they will be built at a rate of about 10 per week until a fleet of 80 is achieved for testing by GM employees.  Theoretically, in about 18 months the first Volts will be available to the public and there is sure to be a long waiting list.  No word on the pricing for the Volt but it’s been said that GM will price according to what gas prices are and will set the price about 6 months before final production begins. 

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