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Tesla (TSLA) Says Cheaper Batteries Gets It To Profitability Quicker Than Nissan With LEAF

In an article over at Bloomberg a few days ago, Tesla Motors (TSLA) indicated it believes it can reach profitability much sooner with the Model S (still a year or two away from selling) than Nissan can with its LEAF electric car because of cheaper batteries.  Tesla said its battery cells which are similar to those used in laptops allow the company to reach profitability after 20K Model S’s sold which is far less than … Read the rest

General Motors (GM) Officially Launches Chevy Volt

The glam and glitz continues as the Chevy Volt nears its debut on US streets.  While the company announced the beginning of production at its plant in Detroit, a few hundred have already been built and will be sold in a few major cities.  The car is expected to get 93 MPG when using all electric in that first 35 miles and 37 MPG when running on gas for a combined 60 MPG which could … Read the rest

General Motors (GM) Riding High With IPO & Chevy Volt

It seems like just yesterday that General Motors (GM) was “Government Motors” and relying on you and I to remain afloat.  Ah what a difference a couple years can make.  As is the case with most of the major auto manufacturers, General Motors (GM) has experienced a resurgence with an expected $2 billion in profits in Q3, culminating in an IPO which priced tonight well above the expected range of $26 – $29 at $33/share.  … Read the rest

General Electric (GE) To Purchase 25K Electric Vehicles, 12K Chevy Volts

General Electric (GE) has announced the largest single purchase of electric vehicles in history this morning – 25,000 to be exact.  The vehicles will be purchased beginning next year with an initial purchase of 12K GM made Chevy Volts to achieve its goal of converting about half of its entire fleet to electric.  This is a bold and important move from GE and the kind of action that will continue to help drive down the … Read the rest

A Roundup Of Reactions To the Chevy Volt

A couple days ago, GM made some pretty gigantic waves in the auto industry when it announced that it expects its upcoming hybrid model, the much anticipated Chevy Volt, to get an astonishing 230 miles to the gallon. And that’s for city driving. Sound incredible? The mixed reviews are sure to straighten out in the days and weeks to come, but for now, there are quite a few decided opinions on the Volt.

Over at … Read the rest

2010 Chevy Volt Test Fleet Coming June 1st?

chevy_volt_2010 The 2010 Chevy Volt continues to make progress on its targeted production date of November 2010.  According to the blog www.gm-volt.com (which is no way affiliated with GM), the Volt’s lead engineer Andrew Farah has a countdown clock in his office revealing that on June 1st the assembly of the first Volt will take place.  Apparently they will be built at a rate of about 10 per week until a fleet of 80 is achieved … Read the rest