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Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS) Named Supplier For General Motors (GM) CNG Pickup Truck

Today Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS) was selected by General Motors (GM) as a Tier-One supplier for a new compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel commercial pickup truck. The company is already integrating its bi-fuel systems into the Chevy Express and GMC Savana cargo vans at its facility in Indiana and will add this new CNG pickup from GM into the mix.  The vehicle is expected to launch in about a year.

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A123 Systems (AONE) Soars On General Motors (GM) Lithium Battery Deal

Earlier today, A123 Systems (AONE) got some much needed good news and it was big news leading to a nearly 50% spike in the stock.  General Motors (GM) awarded the company a production contract  for batteries to be used in future GM electric vehicles to be sold in select global markets.  The deal expands upon the existing relationship between the two companies to further the development of advanced batteries. 

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Westport Innovations (WPRT) & General Motors (GM) To Partner On Natural Gas Vehicle Development

Significant news hit yesterday in the world of natural gas vehicles.  Nat gas engine extraordinaire Westport Innovations (WPRT) announced it will work with General Motors (GM) for the advancement of natural gas engine technology.  The company also announced it plans to open a new R&D center in Michigan.

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General Motors (GM) Officially Launches Chevy Volt

The glam and glitz continues as the Chevy Volt nears its debut on US streets.  While the company announced the beginning of production at its plant in Detroit, a few hundred have already been built and will be sold in a few major cities.  The car is expected to get 93 MPG when using all electric in that first 35 miles and 37 MPG when running on gas for a combined 60 MPG which could … Read the rest

General Motors (GM) Riding High With IPO & Chevy Volt

It seems like just yesterday that General Motors (GM) was “Government Motors” and relying on you and I to remain afloat.  Ah what a difference a couple years can make.  As is the case with most of the major auto manufacturers, General Motors (GM) has experienced a resurgence with an expected $2 billion in profits in Q3, culminating in an IPO which priced tonight well above the expected range of $26 – $29 at $33/share.  … Read the rest

2010 Chevy Volt Test Fleet Coming June 1st?

chevy_volt_2010 The 2010 Chevy Volt continues to make progress on its targeted production date of November 2010.  According to the blog www.gm-volt.com (which is no way affiliated with GM), the Volt’s lead engineer Andrew Farah has a countdown clock in his office revealing that on June 1st the assembly of the first Volt will take place.  Apparently they will be built at a rate of about 10 per week until a fleet of 80 is achieved … Read the rest

General Motors (GM) Recovery Plans Ride On The Volt

The recovery plan that GM submitted to the government depends heavily on the downtrodden automaker’s ability to turn itself into a leaner and greener company. Earth2Tech.com reports that the company validates its intentions to create jobs for Americans and help combat climate change by referencing the following:

The Michigan assembly plant planned for the Volt battery pack, and a nearby lithium-ion battery development program. What’s the one vehicle it names in the stated plan to

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General Motors (GM) To Make Lithium Batteries For Volt In Michigan

The New York Times reports that General Motors (GM) will make lithium batteries for its much-anticipated Chevy Volt in Michigan, instead of making the batteries overseas. If the new plant goes forward as planned, GM  will be the first automaker to produce these batteries inside the US. Since concerns have been raised about America potentially becoming dependent on foreign companies for batteries just as we are dependent on them for oil today, this announcement is … Read the rest