A-Power (APWR) To Build Biomass Plant In Thailand

According to this press release, A-Power  will be building a 150 megawatt biomass plant in Thailand. The company has signed an agreement with Thailand’s Biomass Electricity Co., Ltd regarding the plant. Under the $86 million contract, A-Power will design the plant, which will be built in Prachinburi, Thailand. A-Power will also obtain and install the three main engines for the plant and will be the general contractor for the civic engineering system, the chemical water treatment system, the output system, the electrical system and the thermal control system.

The project starts this month and is expected to take 27 months to finish.

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3 thoughts on “A-Power (APWR) To Build Biomass Plant In Thailand”

  1. Awesome news from A-Power. At a cost of only $86 million, the 150 MW biomass plant in Thailand will fuel thousands of homes and businesses with renewable power.

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  2. watch APWR print the Nevada Wind Turbine manufacturing plant PR before Q1 2010 is over and done with!! Why Nevada ??? Close to California I am guessing and Harry Reid ramrodded the deal through legislation in Nevada for 1000 green jobs

  3. for 86 million and building 150 MW, U decide between ALL Green Energy on what works and what gives U return on investment

    Solar 150MW is ridiculous in Costs
    Wind 150MW would be 300 Million

    Yep, BIOMASS is key going forward to a greener less carbon mother earth

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