AeroVironment (AVAV) Partners With Nissan and District of Columbia

AeroVironment just announced that it will be cooperating with Nissan and the District of Columbia to set up an electric car infrastructure in DC. The plan is to build a network of AeroVironment’s PosiCharge charging stations for the city’s fleet of electric vehicles, and make them available to regular citizens to encourage them to buy electric cars of their own.

In article in the Pasadena Star-News, AeroVironment’s director of marketing strategy, Steve Gitlin, commented on the deal, saying  "We think our technology can be a crucial element in making electric vehicles practical and effective."

The article also quoted an analyst from BB&T:

"I think it’s a significant nod of approval for their product," said Michael S. Lewis, senior vice president for equity research at BB&T Capital Markets. "There are many providers and various competitors out there. For AeroVironment to get in on this opportunity is important."

It opens the company up for similar opportunities in other areas. If it’s successful, other cities would view the D.C. example as a measure of success, Lewis said.

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