Alternative Energy Investor Biggest Gainers and Losers for 08/15-8/22

Alternative Energy Investors compiled a list of the highest and lowest performing green energy stocks for the week of 08/15/08-08/22/08. 

And the winners for this week are:

1) Solar2 Ag XE:S2R

This solar energy company increased in value by 76%.

2) Nova Biosource Fuels, AMEX:NBF

Nova Biosource, a biodiesel company, saw its stock price rise by 50.5%

3) Quant Ene Fpo ASX:QTM

This heat pump manufacturer saw gains of 37.93%

4) Solarfun Power Holdings CO., Ltd. (MM) NASDAQ:SOLF

Solarfun is up by 30.19%.

5) China Sunergy CO., Ltd. ADS (MM) NASDAQ:CSUN

Up by 29.5%


Here are this week’s losers:

1) USBB:EFTI Wastegas

This company lost the most value 37.5%

2) Electro Energy Inc. (MM) NASDAQ:EEEI

This energy storage company saw its price plummet by 30%.

3) Biofuel Energy (MM) NASDAQ:BIOF

This ethanol company is down 25.63%.

4) Mechanical Technology Incorporated (MM) NASDAQ:MKTY

Down by 21.55%

5) Carnegie Fpo ASX:CNM Wave

This wave energy company is down 21.05%

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