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Ethanol/Biofuel Stocks Heating Up (PEIX, VRNM, GPRE, BIOF)

In recent weeks the ethanol/biofuel stocks such Pacific Ethanol (PEIX), Verenium (VRNM), Green Plains Renewable Energy (GPRE) and Biofuel Energy (BIOF) are showing quite a bit of momentum.  While big initial surges have already taken place, bullish digestion periods in these stocks may soon give way to more gains.  Below I’ve provided a video walking through the charts of these stocks.

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Government Driven Investing – Carbon Capture & Sequestration & Cellulosic Ethanol Plays: PEIX, GPRE, VRNM, BIOF, PX

The following article is republished with permission from Cabot and written by Andy Obermueller of Government-Driven Investing.

The President’s health care initiative rests on a shelf with little talk in Congress about what’s next for the sweeping overhaul. At the same time, Mr. Obama has re-positioned the chessboard for his climate-control bill, suggesting at a town-hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, last Tuesday that the legislation might need to be split: One bill would contain … Read the rest

Obama Setting Up Biofuels Interagency: GNH, BIOF, PEIX, VRNM, GPRE Explode Higher

Put all ethanol/biofuel stocks on the radar.  Today the Obama administration announced  the creation of the Biofuels Interagency Working Group and announced $786.5 million in Recovery Act funds for renewable fuel projects. 

“We must invest in a clean energy economy that will lead to new jobs, new businesses and reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” said President Obama.  “The steps I am announcing today help bring us closer to that goal.  If we are to … Read the rest

Ethanol Shares Up Based On Talk About Industry Consolidation (AVR, BIOF, PEIX, VRNM)

Rumors of imminent consolidation in the ethanol industry gave some of the industry’s major players a stock market boost on Wednesday. Poet LLC, the biggest fish in the ethanol pond, announced this week that it was considering snapping up some its competitors. Poet isn’t naming any names, but bankrupt VeraSun announced it had received a takeover bid from another unnamed ethanol company.

From MSN MoneyCentral, here’s a brief rundown on how ethanol share prices … Read the rest

BioFuel (BIOF) Amends Credit Agreement

BioFuel Energy (BIOF) has amended its credit agreement to allow its subsidiaries full access to the  $20 million working capital facility which now appears to allow them sufficient liquidity to complete the commissioning of the ethanol plants in Wood River and Fairmont. .  Previously, the subsidiaries had access to juts $5 million of the working capital.

Shares are currently up 22% but the stock is still mired in a long downtrend. … Read the rest

Alternative Energy Investor Biggest Gainers and Losers for 08/15-8/22

Alternative Energy Investors compiled a list of the highest and lowest performing green energy stocks for the week of 08/15/08-08/22/08. 

And the winners for this week are:

1) Solar2 Ag XE:S2R

This solar energy company increased in value by 76%.

2) Nova Biosource Fuels, AMEX:NBF

Nova Biosource, a biodiesel company, saw its stock price rise by 50.5%

3) Quant Ene Fpo ASX:QTM

This heat pump manufacturer saw gains of 37.93%

4) Solarfun Power Holdings CO., Read the rest

Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) & BioFuel Energy (BIOF) Get Sell Ratings From Soleil

According to StreetInsider.com, Soleil Securities downgraded BioFuel Energy (BIOF) to Sell citing the company’s need for additional debt in order to cover hedging losses and construction costs.

They also reiterated their sell rating on Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) and lowered the price target to 1.50 from 2, saying “the outlook remains weak given the forecasted ehtanol environment and their debt heavy balance sheet.  As we are modeling negative margins going forward, we do not anticipate … Read the rest

Biofuel Energy (BIOF) Hit Hard on Corn, Nat Gas Hedges

According to StreetInsider.com, Biofuel Energy (BIOF) has announced that it had realized approximately 26.1 million in losses resulting from closing out various corn, ethanol and nat gas hedges and has an additional 20 million in unrealized paper losses at current prices. 

The Company put the corn and natural gas hedges in place to minimize the impact of rising prices. However, the plummet in the corn market exposed them to large unrealized losses under its … Read the rest

BioFuel Energy (BIOF) Starts Producing Ethanol At 2 Sites

BioFuel Energy Corp. said Wednesday that ethanol production has begun at new plants in Nebraska and Minnesota.

The facilities in Wood River, Neb., and Fairmont, Minn., will have the combined capacity to produce 230 million gallons of fuel and 720,000 tons of dried distillers grains, a byproduct often sold as animal feed, per year.

The plants are located next to decades-old Cargill grain elevators and Union Pacific (nyse: UNPnews people ) … Read the rest