Borg Warner (BWA): "This Will Be The Ignition Technology Of the Future"

Alison first wrote about Borg Warner as a fuel efficiency play following the government announcement of stricter fuel standards a few weeks ago.  Today, the company appears to be an even better play for the trend to lighter, more efficient vehicles.  The company is announcing it has purchased the advanced ignition technology from Florida based Etatech that will improve peak energy efficiency (by 40%) and reduce emissions (by 50 – 80%).  The company wants to commercialize the technology and believes it will one day replace conventional spark plugs.  The patented technology generates little to no heat, virtually eliminating maintenance and has the ability to electronically control portions of the combustion cycle.  Exciting stuff.

“Our ignition experts at BERU Systems believe this will be the ignition technology of the future. The significant improvements in fuel economy and emissions provided by this technology may revolutionize the industry,” said Tim Manganello, BorgWarner Chairman and CEO. “Our focus on reducing emissions, increasing fuel economy and improving engine performance makes this technology a perfect fit for BorgWarner.

I’d like to hear from you car experts on this one.. feel free to post your comments below.

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