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BorgWarner (BWA) Chosen To Supply Technology For ZF 8-speed Automatic Transmission For BMW

BorgWarner just announced that it has been chosen to supply its friction materials and plates for BMW’s new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. BorgWarner’s technology will be used at key clutch points in the new transmission to improve fuel economy and enhance performance on the 2010 BMW 760i.

In a press release, John Sanderson, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Drivetrain Systems, commented on the news:

“The ZF 8HP automatic transmission shifts gears in only fractions of … Read the rest

BorgWarner (BWA) To Supply First Automotive Works

BorgWarner just announced that it has been selected to supply China’s First Automotive Works with its turbochargers and EGR valves. Under the agreement, Borgwarner will supply First Automotive Works with the products beginning in 2010. First Automotive Works will use the turbo-chargers in their new gasoline engines and the EGR valves in their diesel engines to help the company’s vehicles meet the new China 4 emissions standards.

In a press release, Roger Wood, President and … Read the rest

Borg Warner (BWA): "This Will Be The Ignition Technology Of the Future"

Alison first wrote about Borg Warner as a fuel efficiency play following the government announcement of stricter fuel standards a few weeks ago.  Today, the company appears to be an even better play for the trend to lighter, more efficient vehicles.  The company is announcing it has purchased the advanced ignition technology from Florida based Etatech that will improve peak energy efficiency (by 40%) and reduce emissions (by 50 – 80%).  The company wants to … Read the rest

Wal Mart (WMT) Green Initiatives Paying Dividends

Wal Mart (WMT) has been one of a handful of large US corporations taking the lead in retooling their business to be more lean, mean and green.  According to the NY Times, Wal Mart (WMT) has said it’s improved the fuel efficiency of its fleet by 25% since 2005 and has plans to test the use of cooking grease from its delis for truck fuel.  The company credits gains in fuel efficiency to smarter … Read the rest

Borg Warner (BWA) Expects to Benefit Big From Fuel Efficiency Revolution

Borg Warner (BWA) is announcing this morning that they expect $2.1 billion in new business (80% coming from Asia and Europe) over the next 3 years despite a horrendous global auto industry.  The company is a key player in the auto fuel efficiency revolution with its gas/diesel turbochargers and dual transmission technology driving the company’s growth. 

“While the current economic crisis is expected to slow near-term, global auto sales, climate change and fuel economy remain … Read the rest

The Top Three Automakers in Japan Report Production Jump As Consumers Seek Fuel Efficiency (TM, HMC, NSANY)

High gas prices have led many consumers to trade in gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient vehicles. This has been a boon to Japan’s top 3 auto companies, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

As reported on MSN Money, Toyota Motors Corp’s global output rose 10.2 percent over the past year. Honda Motor Co reported an increase of 17.7 percent, and Nissan increased their output by 26.8 percent. All of the automakers are struggling to shift … Read the rest