Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Announces ES-A Series Solar Panels Now Certified For Coastal Conditions

Evergreen Solar just announced that its ES-A series String Ribbon solar panels have been certified for coastal installations.  To receive certification, the panels passed IEC 61701 salt mist corrosion testing for PV panels, meaning that they were exposed to a super-strong salt solution for 4 days without exhibiting signs of damage or corrosion. Evergreen will feature the products at the Genera Solar Show in Madrid, Spain from May 19th to the 21st.

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In a press release, Scott Gish, Evergreen Solar’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing, commented on the news:

“This recent certification extends the ability of Evergreen Solar panels to be installed virtually anywhere that solar power is viable, and makes our powerful, environmentally-friendly solar panels available to more people. These panels are already certified for use in climates which have heavy snow or high winds. We are now proud to have one of the few solar panels available in the industry with IEC 61701 certification. This feature is extremely beneficial for customers in regions where sea mist can be an issue like Spain, Italy, France and the coastal regions of the United States.”

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