Lithium Battery Stocks: Altair (ALTI) Catches Fire, Are VLNC & ABAT Next?

In recent days, Altair Nanotechnologies (ALTI) has surged, doubling in just 3 trading days with huge buy volume.  I’m not seeing any news or upgrades that would account for this move, so maybe the news is coming.  If you have an idea of why the surge is taking place in ALTI feel free to leave a comment below.  Another speculative lithium battery stock that may be primed and fueled for surge is Valence Technology (VLNC).  The stock jumped 15% today with good volume and looks like it wants to clear the 200 day moving average.  Majority owner Carl Berg picked up more than 7 million shares about two weeks ago, so maybe some news is coming.  Another speculative battery play worth watching is Ener1 (HEV).  It hasn’t moved yet, but may join the party as well.  My favorite play though is in Advanced Battery Tech (ABAT) which is China lithium battery play.  The company makes batteries for consumer electronics as well as electric bikes and is profitable and growing quickly. 

The video below highlights the technical action in ALTI, VLNC  and ABAT. 

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The darn sound didn’t quite come out right again.. one of these days I’ll get it figured out. 

2 thoughts on “Lithium Battery Stocks: Altair (ALTI) Catches Fire, Are VLNC & ABAT Next?”

  1. Hey ,I like what your doing. How can I get charting software like yours? Thanks Nick

  2. Thanks Nick. You’ll like this.. the software I used is web based and the best part is that they have a free version. Check out The free version doesn’t have as many features and the real time data does have issues at times, but you can upgrade to a rock solid real time feed for like $10/month. If you want extra features, it’s another $30/month or so. If you don’t do lots of short term trading, the free version should be just fine for you.

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