Popular Mechanics Uses UQM Technologies’ (UQM) Electric Propulsion System To Modify Dodge Challenger

Popular Mechanics selected UQM Technologies ‘ 125 electric propulsion system to power their Eco+Muscle hybrid Dodge Challenger R/T car. The project involved modifying a normal Dodge Challenger to include 2 separate powertrains: a combustion engine for highway use and an electric propulsion system for in-town use.

So, how did UQM’s electric motor perform? According to this story on Alternative Energy News, the mechanics that worked on the project were pleasantly surprised:

The Popular Mechanics article raves, “UQM’s motor is amazing. A mysteriously monolithic cylinder less than 9 inches long and 11 inches in diameter, it weighs just 89 pounds but produces 125 horsepower and 176 foot pounds of torque while revving smoothly to 8,000 rpm…This little electric motor is comparable in performance to a typical V-6 rated at 250 horsepower.”

The modification of the Eco+Muscle hybrid Challenger was performed by the experts at Minisport, in Sharon, Connecticut. Rich Taylor, owner of Minisport, long-time contributor to Popular Mechanics, nationally recognized author of over 5,000 magazine articles, author of two dozen books and former motorcycle road racer and driver of factory-sponsored race cars said, “The performance of the UQM® PowerPhase® electric propulsion system we installed in the Eco+Muscle hybrid Challenger exceeded our performance expectations—especially the pavement-wrinkling torque of this electric motor—and we set the bar pretty high as part of our propulsion system selection process. The programmable digital signal processor on the motor controller and an abundance of technical support from UQM’s engineering team, made the process of adding electric propulsion to the vehicle and managing its operation surprisingly easy.”

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