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Philips (PHG) Unveiled First LED Bulb To Replace Standard 75W Bulb

Big news in the LED lighting world.  Royal Philips Electronics (PHG) is set to showcase the world’s first LED bulb designed to replace the traditional 75W bulb.  The EnduraLED A21 17W LED bulb is expected to use 80% less energy and last 25 times longer.  The company estimates that if everyone quit buying the 75W incandescent bulb and replaced it with the LED bulb, it would be the equivalent of removing 1 million cars … Read the rest

Philips (PHG): “LED Will Represent 1/2 Of Global Lighting Market Within 5 YRS”

Philips (PHG), which is a big global player in the led lighting segment, believes the LED light source market will expand to over $15 billion and the led lighting device market to over $40 billion by 2015, representing half of the global lighting market.  They see LED lighting accounting for 75% of the global lighting market by 2020.

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The company indicated it will allocate 75% of … Read the rest

Royal Philips (PHG) First To Mass Produce 150mm LED Wafers

Philips Lumileds, the LED division of Royal Philips (PHG) has announced it’s the first company to mass produce the larger 150mm wafers used for LEDs.  The larger wafers allow for 4x the number of LEDs as the old 3 inch wafers and is a key advancement to accelerating the production of LEDs for the lighting revolution.  The increased output and greater efficiency will help drive down costs, acceleration adoption.

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Cree (CREE) Signs LED Patent Cross-License Agreement With Philips (PHG)

Cree Inc just announced that it has signed an LED patent cross-license agreement with Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV.

The agreement is worldwide and covers a range of  LED technologies including blue LED chip technology, white LEDs and phosphors. It also covers  associated technologies such as control systems, LED luminaires and lamps, and LED backlighting for LCD screens.

In a press release, Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and CEO, commented on the agreement:

“This agreement demonstrates … Read the rest