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Microsoft (MSFT) & Toyota (TM) Team Up On Smart Car Telematics

Microsoft (MSFT) and Toyota (TM) announced a partnership today to build a next generation smart car platform using the Windows Azure software platform in Toyota all electric and hybrid vehicles.  The on board telematics systems will provide battery charging information along  along with GPS and multimedia technologies beginning in 2012.  The goal is to provide a complete cloud based system for Toyota customers around the world by 2015 which integrates home energy use for optimal … Read the rest

Toyota Working On Electric/Hybrid Motor That Doesn’t Rely On Rare Earth Metals

Nearly two years ago I wrote an article titled From Dependence On Foreign Oil to Chinese Neodymium?  Never did I imagine when I posted that article that a mad scramble for rare earth metals would take place so soon and that  companies would begin looking for ways to avoid the use of neodymium so soon. 

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This morning the WSJ reports that Toyota has been working … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Expects Japan To Be 2nd Largest Market

According to the WSJ, Elon Musk said today he expects Japan to be the 2nd largest market for its luxury electric cars, likely aided by its partnership with both Toyota and Panasonic.  Toyota invested $50 million in Tesla and the two companies will jointly develop an all electric SUV while Panasonic recently invested $30 million. Tesla opened its first showroom in Tokyo last month and has six dealerships in Europe. 

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Tesla (TSLA) To Receive Initial $60 Million Payment From Toyota (TM) For RAV4 Development

Much has been made of the partnership between Tesla Motors (TSLA) and Toyota (TM) to develop the RAV4 all electric SUV, but little has been announced to make the partnership official.  This morning it’s official with news that the companies have signed a $60 million Phase I contract services agreement which has Tesla developing a powertrain system, including a battery, power electronics module, motor, gearbox and associated software.  The payment will be made over time … Read the rest

Google (GOOG) Testing Self Driving Toyota (TM) Prius

In a piece in the New York Times over the weekend, they pull back the curtains on an exciting experiment between Google (GOOG) and Toyota (TM) – self driving cars.  Google has been testing self driving Prius’s in secret for some time which use AI software, cameras and GPS to try to mimic human driving.

According to the article, seven cars have driven 1000 miles completely autonomously and another 140K miles with some human intervention.  … Read the rest

Toyota (TM) & Tesla (TSLA) Showcase RAV4 EV To US Dealers

rav4 ev toyota According to Bloomberg, Toyota (TM) and Tesla (TSLA) showcased their jointly developed RAV4 electric SUV to US dealers at an annual meeting in Las Vegas yesterday.  The RAV4 is expected to go on sale in 2012.

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The companies declined to comment on the Las Vegas meeting, but Tesla said in a statement yesterday that it is readying a range of hybrids and all … Read the rest

Rumor: Tesla (TSLA) & Toyota (TM) Developing Electric RAV4 & Lexus RX

These rumors began to surface more than a month ago and they are swirling again.  No official announcement has been made, but according to an unidentified source Tesla Motors (TSLA) and Toyota (TM) have signed an agreement to begin developing an electric version of both the RAV4 and Lexus RX SUV’s to go on sale sometime in 2012.  It’s believed the two companies have been working on this for some time and that Tesla has … Read the rest

Tesla & Toyota (TM) To Develop EV Prototype By Year End, But Partnership Hinges On Tesla IPO

Kyodo News (via Street Insider) is reporting that Toyota and Tesla will co-develop a prototype electric car by year end and this is according to Toyota sources. 

It was announced on May 21st that Toyota would invest $50 million in Tesla Motors and would partner to produce the Model S electric sedan at a recently closed Toyota/GM plant in Fremont, California.  It’s not clear what the prototype will be, but I assume it will … Read the rest

Toyota (TM) Invests $50 Million In Tesla Motors To Produce Electric Sedan

Toyota Motors (TM) and Tesla Motors announced this morning that they are partnering to produce Tesla electric cars in a recently closed Toyota/GM plant in Fremont, California.  The plant was closed just a few weeks ago, taking 4,700 jobs with it, but reviving the plant is good news at least for a portion of the workers.  When production begins in 2012, about 1000 workers will be needed.

Tesla currently sells the Roadster, but the new … Read the rest