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Solar Production Leaders Q32010, JA Solar (JASO) Emerges

Here’s an interesting chart from PV Market Research highlighting the solar module and cell manufacturing leaders.  Some interesting stats that stand out to me.  Q-Cells has improved the most in the past year in terms of cell production and JA Solar (JASO) is really beginning to emerge as a world leader in solar cell production and for the first time is at the top. 

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iSuppli Sees Big Growth In German Solar Installations This Year & Next

Street Insider was out with a research note from iSuppli today forecasting big growth in solar leader Germany ahead of the feed-in-tariff reduction in July which will have companies scrambling to complete installations.  That’s not too much of a surprise, but the firm also sees significant growth after the tariff reduction, particularly in rooftop solar systems.

They are forecasting 6.6GW of solar installations for 2010 in Germany which is a 70% increase over last year, … Read the rest

LDK Solar (LDK) Faces Cash Crisis, Future In Question

LDK Solar (LDK) needs quite a bit of cash in a hurry to stay alive and the CEO stated in an SEC filing, “If we do not successfully execute our liquidity plan, we face the risk of not being able to continue as a going concern.”  The company has sold a $50 – $80 stake in its polysilicon business through convertible preference shares to VMS Investment Group and will raise another $150 million through a … Read the rest

LDK Solar (LDK) Q-Cells End Solar Supply Rift, Shares Rally

Shares of LDK Solar (LDK) are rallying about 7% on news it has ended the solar supply disagreement with Q-Cells as the two companies settled out of court and will continue their relationship. 

The original supply contract has been amended to be more flexible in supply and pricing.  While the total 10 yr supply won’t change, LDK Solar will ship out fewer modules over the next two years to match current market conditions.

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LDK Solar (LDK) Continues Slide As Q-Cells Ends Supply Deal

LDK Solar (LDK) continues its slide lower and is closing in on all time lows after Germany’s Q-Cells ended a solar wafer supply agreement because LDK apparently didn’t fulfill significant contractual obligations.  It looks like Q-Cells wants out of the contract because it can get supplies much lower now than the price the companies agreed on when the contract was put into place in addition to needing some cash.  The company claims that the $244 … Read the rest

MEMC Electronics (WFR) & Q-Cells Establish Venture To Build Solar Parks

MEMC Electronics (WFR) and Q-Cells of Germany have established a joint venture to build large solar parks it was announced tonight.  The equally owned park is in Strasskirchen, and is believed to be the largest ground mounted PV system in the country to use crystalline solar cells with a total capacity of 50MW.  It’s being built by Q-Cells and has a completion date by the end of this year.  The two companies are investing up … Read the rest

Germany’s Q-Cells Issues Profit Warning: "Sees No Sign Of Upturn"

Solar shares will have a tough time getting going today after the world’s largest solar cell manufacturer issued a profit warning.  It appears Germany’s Q-Cells has changed its mind.  Less than two weeks ago, a spokesman for the company said they had no plans to issue a profit warning, saying, “If Q-Cell were planning to send out a profit warning, I would have heard about it.”  What a difference 10 days makes. 

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LDK Solar (LDK) Signs Agreement With Q-Cells

LDK Solar announced that is has signed an 11-year service agreement with Q-Cells AG, a German company. Under the agreement, LDK will process Q-cells upgraded metallurgical grade solar grade silicon and turn it in to multicrystalline solar wafers. LDK will make wafers out of a minimum of 20,000 metric tons of Q-Cells’ silicon from 2008-2018, and will have the option to process an additional 21,000 tons. 

Xiaofeng Peng, LDK Solar’s Chairman and CEO, commented on … Read the rest