Toyota (TM) & Tesla (TSLA) Showcase RAV4 EV To US Dealers

rav4 ev toyota According to Bloomberg, Toyota (TM) and Tesla (TSLA) showcased their jointly developed RAV4 electric SUV to US dealers at an annual meeting in Las Vegas yesterday.  The RAV4 is expected to go on sale in 2012.

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The companies declined to comment on the Las Vegas meeting, but Tesla said in a statement yesterday that it is readying a range of hybrids and all electric cars.

Shares of TSLA have been trading in a relatively tight range for a few months now and continue to hold up above support of the 50 day moving average.  Playing the next break up or down would provide an excellent trade for a shorter term swing position in my opinion.  I’ll take a guess and say the next break will be down through support.

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