UQM Technologies (UQM) Releases 145 KW Motor System

UQM Technologies has just released a new 145 KW motor/generator propulsion system. The system is meant to be used in hybrid/electric vehicles, and offers the following advantages (per a UQM press release):

The new 145 kW system extends the peak power available in the company’s smaller 280 mm diameter frame size from 125 kW to 145 kW, has a continuous power rating of 85 kW, delivers peak torque of 400 N-m and weighs only 50 kg.

Jon Lutz, UQM’s VP of Technology, commented on the release of the new system:

“We are pleased to add the PowerPhase® 145 system to our line-up of electric propulsion systems for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle applications,” said Jon Lutz, UQM Technologies’ Vice President of Technology. “Originally developed for a high performance passenger automobile, this system delivers exceptional peak power and torque in a compact package. It is also an ideal generator for hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric range extenders due to its high continuous output capability and an operating speed range that matches compact engines.”

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