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Air Force Set To Certify Waste Oil & Plant Fuel 3YRS Ahead Of Schedule

The Air Force along with the Army, Navy and Marines have been increasingly interested in the use of plant fuel and waste oils to power their fuel hungry operations.  The continued instability of the Middle East has accelerated the concern that skyrocketing oil prices is a major security concern.  Hence the need to begin to look at alternatives such as oil waste and plant derived fuel.  A variety of alternative could be used. 

“We can … Read the rest

Verenium (VRNM) Misses, Posts Another Big Loss

Verenium (VRNM) is another one of those green stocks that’s probably best left alone.  No profits in sight and continuing to trade around all time lows.  The company posted another big loss of $1.05 after the bell today which was much steeper than the .33/share loss analysts had expected.  Revenues were also light coming in at $13 million vs the analyst estimate of $17.5 million.  If there is one bright spot in the quarter, it’s … Read the rest

Is Camelina Biodiesel The Answer For Jet Fuel Shortages?

If you thought flying was expensive now, just wait 10 years when increasing jet fuel shortages double ticket prices.  Unless of course jet biofuel production takes off which it’s expected to do so in the coming years.  I’ve written quite a bit about Rentech (RTK) here which develops synthetic jet fuel from coal.  Its fuel was approved last year for use in aircraft and the company is putting the pieces in place to produce it … Read the rest

Shell Bets Big On Ethanol With Cosan (CZZ) Partnership

By Sam Hopkins of GreenChipStocks.com
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I’m in Washington, D.C. today for the American Council on Renewable Energy’s RETECH Expo, where I’m mining the showcases and speakers for new stock picks. Not every technology or company here will be a home-run investment. To tell the truth, many of them won’t even make it ten years without being bought out or folding…

Others will make headlines and drive market returns, … Read the rest

Reuters: EPA Biofuels Decision On RFS2 Could Come Today

Prepare for a big move in biofuel plays, possibly today.  Reuters reported yesterday that the EPA could issue new rules (or RFS2 – renewable fuels standard) as soon as today on measuring emissions from biofuels according to an anonymous source.

A 2007 proposal would require ethanol to emit less greenhouse gas than gasoline over the life cycle of the fuel while cellulosic fuels would be required to be even cleaner.  Of course, the industry opposes … Read the rest

Biofuels Industry Nervously Anticipating EPA’s New Fuel Rules: PEIX, BIOF, GPRE, CZZ, ADM, VRNM

biofuelsethanol As reported by Agriculture.com’s Don Looker, Margo Oge, director of transportation and air quality at the EPA, did not attend this year’s Iowa Renewable Fuels Association summit because she was busy writing the second draft of the EPA’s new renewable fuel standards. The new standards are expected to be announced very soon, and the continued recovery of the American biofuels industry may hang in the balance.

Per the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, … Read the rest

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Gets $25 Million DOE Grant For Biomass Plant

Archer Daniels Midland just announced that they have received a $24.8 million grant to build a biomass plant that will convert waste into fuel ethanol and ethyl acrylate. The refinery will use a step called pretreatment that will also be used in ADM’s ongoing biocrude production efforts.

In a press release, Dr. Todd Werpy, vice president, Biofuels and Biochemical Research, commented on the news:

“By helping reduce the financial risk inherent in this kind of … Read the rest

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Gets $24.8 Million For Biofuels

Archer Daniels Midland just announced that is has received a $24.8 million grant from the Department of Energy to build a $36 million biofuels plant in Decatur, Illinois. The plant will focus on advancing biofuel technology.Construction should start next year and be completed by 2012. The remaining funding not covered by the grant will be drawn from private sources.

In a press release, Todd Werpy, ADM’s vice president of Biofuels and Biochemical Research, commented … Read the rest

Exxon Makes Big Bet On Algae Biofuel With Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics

Ok, $600 million for Exxon is pocket change, but for most companies it’s a big investment, particularly when you’re discussing algae biofuels.  Exxon announced today they’ll put in $600 million over five years in a partnership with privately held Synthetic Genomics to develop transportation fuels from algae.  As an interesting side note, Synthetic Genomics was founded in part by Craig Venter who was instrumental in mapping the human genome and has been listed by … Read the rest

New Renewable Energy Stock: China Bio Energy (CBEH) Approved To Trade On Nasdaq

There’s a new renewable energy stock on the market-China Bio Energy has been approved to trade on the Nasdaq as of today. The company distributes both traditional petroleum products and biodiesel made from inedible seeds and leftover restaurant oil and grease.

In a company press release, Mr. Xincheng Gao, Chief Executive Officer of China Bio Energy Holdings Group, commented on the news:

“We are very pleased to join the Nasdaq Capital Market alongside other … Read the rest