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Evergreen Solar Panels (ESLR) To Be Used in German EV Charging Station

Evergreen Solar’s solar panels will provide the juice for a new electric vehicle recharging station in Frankfurt, Germany. The station, which provides power for small electric vehicles like electric scooters, is located conveniently close to a shopping center, so customers can re-charge their EVs while they shop.

According to SustainableBusiness.com, here’s what Peter Rusch, Evergreen Solar’s director of marketing and sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, had to say about the installation:… Read the rest

Valence Technology, Inc (NASDAQ: VLNC) Wins European Patent Case Against University of Texas

Valence Technology, Inc announced today that the Opposition Board of the European Patent Office has revoked the University of Texas’ European patent for lithium metal phosphates on the basis of lack of novelty. This decision is good news for Valence because it allows the company to further develop and market its own proprietary lithium iron magnesium phosphate cathode material for electric car batteries. However, UT could choose to appeal the decision.

In the press release, … Read the rest